Accidents During Autumn

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The autumn season has several time periods that lead to an increase in accidents. Although people are not outside in the same numbers as during the summer, there are still other factors that cause more accidents. Car crashes are prevalent during autumn. In addition, the changing conditions outside can cause slip and fall accident injuries.

Thankfully, the weather changes in Southern California are not as dramatic as they are elsewhere in the country during the autumn. However, when tourists leave town and residents return, there are a number of risks. Even though the tourist season has its own unique causes of accidents, the dangers begin to change as the season does.

There May Be More Car Accidents in Autumn with More Traffic on the Road

There are a number of times during the autumn that are associated with car accidents. First, children go back to school after Labor Day. Roads that were less crowded as people were on summer vacation are now suddenly more crowded. School buses can cause more cars to stop, as motorists need to follow traffic rules when the school bus stops to pick up or drop off children. In addition, children are crossing the street to get to and from their bus.

Then, the Halloween season arrives at the end of October. Halloween is associated with many accidents. Not only are revelers getting in their cars drunk, but there are also many pedestrians walking in the dark during the night. Nearly half of car accident fatalities during the Halloween time period involve drunk drivers. Roughly one in every four pedestrian accident fatalities involves an intoxicated driver.

Drunk Driving Crashes Around Thanksgiving and the Holidays

Towards the end of the fall, the Thanksgiving period is known as practically the single most dangerous time on the roads. The Wednesday before Thanksgiving is called “Blackout Wednesday” because of people’s tendency to binge drink. Unfortunately, too many get behind the wheel without relying on Uber or a designated driver. In addition, the day before Thanksgiving is one of the busiest travel days on the road, leading to a sharp increase in traffic accidents. Finally, the holiday shopping season also unfolds towards the end of the season. People attend holiday parties towards the tail end of autumn, heightening the risk of drunk driving accidents.

Fall is also a prime time for distracted driving crashes. One study has found that Saturdays in September and October have the highest risk of a “daydreaming while driving” fatality. In addition, teen drivers are going back to school, and they have additional distractions behind the wheel, making others bear the risks of their inattention.

Pedestrian Accidents Increase in the Fall

Not only are there more cars on the road, but the cooler temperatures mean that more people are out walking. Pedestrian accidents can increase in the fall because there are additional walkers. Autumn is known as the most dangerous season for pedestrians. Combined with the fact that there is more of a rush hour when people are going back to work, pedestrian injury and fatality numbers increase.

There are also more pedestrian accidents at night, and there are more hours of darkness in the fall.

There May Be More Slip and Fall Accidents in the Fall

Although Los Angeles weather is not as volatile as that in other cities, there still is a change in conditions in the area in the autumn. While the summer is hot and dry, autumn is when more rain falls in Southern California. The combination of rain and wet leaves can cause slippery conditions on both roads and sidewalks. In addition, the hot summer conditions may have damaged pavement, leading to more cracks that can cause falls when the owners have not reasonably inspected their property and fixed the defects.

Fewer Sunlight Hours Raises Accident Risks

The change in clocks in the middle of the fall also can lead to more accidents. When there are fewer daylight hours, people are not as safe when they are walking outside or driving on the roads. Pedestrians are less able to see where they are going, and they cannot see cracks in the sidewalk at night. Drivers are involved in more car accidents at night because of the reduced visibility. They are also more likely to be drowsy when it is dark outside. When people are not able to see, the level of risk increases overall.

The change in daylight hours will alter the average person’s routine. They may be less likely to exercise reasonable care when their rhythms are thrown off by a change in the clocks. It can take a few days for drivers and others to get their bearings when the clocks change, especially when they are not expecting it to be dark.

Premises Liability Claims Increase in the Fall

Less daylight also means that there could be more premises liability cases. Property owners may not be able to inspect their property as well because it gets darker earlier. Customers and guests are more likely to fall outside at night.

In addition, more hours of darkness increases the chances that you could be the victim of an assault or incident on someone else’s property. The property owner has a legal obligation to provide a reasonable amount of security for people when they know or should have known of the potential for danger. If there has been a history of crime in the area, and the property owner does not hire security guards or install extra lighting, they may be held liable in a negligent security lawsuit.

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