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Looking for a Personal Injury Lawyer? Here are 6 Things to Consider

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Accidents happen all the time, and often, there are no signs to look out for. However, when you're involved in an accident caused by someone else’s negligence, you have the right to hire a personal injury lawyer who will help you seek compensation for your injuries.

Whether you had an auto accident, workplace injury, or suffered due to the negligence of a healthcare provider, it is important to hire a lawyer that meets your needs. A good lawyer will tell you what to do to maximize your personal injury settlement. Many law firms offer assistance in personal injury suits, but how do you know who to hire?

In this article, we'll discuss six tips to keep in mind when looking for a personal injury lawyer.

1. Ask for Referrals

It’s not so easy to find a good lawyer— you know, a lawyer you can trust not to leave any stone unturned. A lawyer you know will go above and beyond to get you the justice and compensation you need for your injuries. If any of your close friends and family have encountered such a lawyer in the past, they are likely going to be more than willing to refer them to you. So, ask the people whose opinion you trust if they have a good lawyer they can introduce you to. This will save you so much time. Of course, you will still need to make sure this lawyer is the perfect match for you, but at this point, half the work’s done!

2. Look For Personal Injury Lawyers Online

Pretty much everyone has a website and social media presence in 2023. If you’ve sustained injuries due to an accident or hit-and-run, you can easily find good lawyers online to help with your case. When searching online for personal injury lawyers, pay attention to the ratings, reviews, and testimonials they receive from other clients.

3. Evaluate Their Experience

Once you’ve compiled a shortlist of the personal injury lawyers you’d like to work with, it’s time to narrow it down even further. Do you have any criteria that you’d like your lawyer to meet? Examples of such criteria could be:

  • How experienced are they in your specific case?
  • How big is their law firm?
  • What are their credentials and qualifications?
  • What’s their track record?
  • How do they charge their lawyer fees?
  • Does the law firm have access to enough resources to win your case?
  • What is the law firm's legal experience?

At this point, you will need to compare different lawyers and see how they fare against the criteria you’ve set.

4. How Big Is the Firm?

The size of a law firm matters a great deal in how they will handle your case. Some firms are small "boutique" firms— such firms may be small, but they work first hand with their clients and provide personalized attention to your file. Larger firms, while they may have more resources, pay closer attention to cases with larger values and often shift cases that value less than 6-7 figures to staff.

5. Set up an Appointment

Once you’ve narrowed it down to a few law firms, it’s time to set up appointments for consultation. This will be the best way for you to test out the waters with each attorney and get a feel of who you want to go with. Here are a few things to look out for when talking with a personal injury lawyer for the first time:

  • Pay attention to how they speak to you. Do they pay attention when you speak? Do they come off as genuine and empathetic?
  • Are they friendly and professional?
  • Are they strong, assertive communicators? Do they go out of their way to explain everything you need to know? 
  • Ask them about similar cases they’ve won or handled in the recent past.
  • If you can, pay attention to the body language and chemistry of the people working in the law firm.
  • Ask them if they have any additional resources you can use: for example, can they connect you to the medical attention you may need?

Be sure to consult a number of lawyers before settling for one particular firm.

6. Ask For Their Terms of Service

It is crucial for you to know the terms of service of the lawyer you're looking to hire. Ask for clarification on how the lawyer gets paid and any fees and costs you should be aware of. This way, you won't encounter any surprises once a settlement has been reached. Most personal injury lawyers only charge you if the case is successful. You should, therefore, find out what percentage of your settlement will be deducted if you get compensated. Thoroughly read any paperwork you’re given and seek clarification on anything you don’t understand or aren’t comfortable with.

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